Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hello? Snowbabies? Are you in there???

Today is 8 dp3dfet. I feel nothing. No symptoms. Should I feel anything? Please, just tell me NO and I'll be a happy camper! I wish a little fairy would come down and tell me if my snowbabies have stuck or not! I've been getting a little light headed, but that could be from all the estrace I'm on. My boobs don't hurt, although my chest is broken out. I don't feel bloated, but when I eat, I feel a fullness sooner than normal. I'm exhausted, but, I'm taking all that progesterone, and I just started back up at school. If I get realistic, I'm only about 11dpo, which is too soon for even a hpt, which I refuse to do. I still have some hope, and I'm hanging on with dear life!

J and I have been talking to our snowbabies who we decided we will name Jonas Rocket (stolen from Blink 182 guy) and Jayden (JayJay) Rainbow. Yup! I have been promising all sorts of things to them, like the monkey at Target, and a new SUV to fit their way cool double stroller that we will also buy them. I mean, come on! What more could two little snowbabies want??? A trip to Disney World? Done! Ice cream for breakfast? No problem! The sky is the limit, little ones! So many people are awaiting your decision... Please STICK, STICK, STICK!!!

Can Thursday PLEASE hurry up!!!


Sarah said...

You just keep talking to those little guys, sing them happy tunes! I will give them a puppy if they stick around, make sure you tell them that too!

Carla said...

Oh Joei, I am praying so hard for you! Promise them cool gifts from all their "aunts" around the country!
Love, Carla

Dianne/Flutter said...

Praying and hoping for you! Bribery, I'm completely in. :), Tell them anything their little hearts desire, is theirs.

Heather said...

I'm in - tell me what they want - it is theirs! JUST STICK! Gah - you mean I have to wait until Thursday to find out?! You are killin me.