Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pregnant girl on crutches

First, the reason I have not been posting is because Blogger does not like me. I can never sign in, even though I have changed my password a zillion times. I am very frustrated. I can't sign on to post on anyone else's blog and being the emotional being that I am, I just cry and turn off my computer.

Anyways... In all of the pregnancy books they warn you about being careful when you are pregnant because you become extra clumsy. I have noticed this as my girth continues to grow. I think it also has something to do with pregnancy taking over your mind. It is so impossible to concentrate on anything not related to this babe. I know I have been extra clumsy and extra dumb, so you would think I would pay more attention to the world around me... Guess not...

Last week, I went to take my dog to get his shots at a local pet store. My dh had met me there, even though he had been up since 4:00 (which was really more like 3, yeah time change). I know he desperately wanted to go home and sleep, but he was there. I was looking at my dog and thinking about all the plans I had for the day, and how happy I was that it was finally in the 50's when BAM! I fall right on my butt... and I feel the IMMENSE pain shooting from my knee. I grab my knee and notice that my knee cap is over to the right, not straight on. I just started yelling about my knee as dh tries to get me to get OUT of the parking lot. Someone calls an ambulance and the paramedics arrive in about 2 minutes. This whole time I'm holding my knee and telling everyone in sight that it really hurts and my butt is really cold. The paramedics arrive and ask to see my knee. My sister (who arrived 2 minutes after my fall to take her dog to get shots, too) tells me not to look, which is probably a good thing judging by her facial expression. The paramedics put my knee in a stabilizer, and it slides right back to its normal position. I was so ecstatic! I told them I was fine now and was just going to go home. They kind of smiled and asked me to stand up. I did and OH MY GOSH!! If labor feels anything like that, I want my epidural NOW!! They also suggest I go to get the baby checked out. We opt for taking the car, instead of the ambulance and head off for the hospital.

We get there and dh drops my off to park the car. I'm wheeled to the triage nurse who asks me about my knee and about my belly, and then determines I need to get my knee checked. I ask her about the baby and she kind of rolls her eyes at me, "you want the baby checked out, too?" um... yeah! My knee is throbbing, but whatever, I just want to make sure my babe is okay!! She makes a phone call and sends me to labor and delivery. That's when I find out that my doctor's are very conservative and cautious and I'm to stay there for 4 hours!! The L and D nurse assured me that I was smart for getting the baby checked out since any fall and disrupt it and send me into labor. While there, I had some minor contractions, which were stopped. There was no sign of stress to the baby, and after my 4 hours, I was sent to have my knee looked at. Another 2 hours for them to tell me it was dislocated (duh). I got my crutches and was sent on my way.

A week later, my knee still hurts and it is VERY hard to walk. I gave up on the crutches as I'm off balanced enough as it is! I'm just greatful that the baby is okay and will hopefully stay put for the next feel weeks. Crazy, crazy drama... what a way to spend a day!!