Monday, September 24, 2007

Skinny baby

Last week I took Mia to the pediatrician for her 4 month check up (I know! 4 months already!) J and I told her about our concern and our family's concern of her size. She still fits into 0-3 month clothing (although I packed them all away since I was getting bored of them and wanted to put her into some new fall clothes I got her). Her height is in the 75th percentile which is typical for her, but her weight was only 12 lbs, 6 oz, putting her in the 25th percentile. Since she has been spitting up a lot, the doctor perscribed some heartburn meds. She also indicated that this is probably a breast feeding issue.

Her remedy for me:

Take herbal medication (found out from the herbalist I need to take 4 pills an hour; not doing that as it made me so nauseous!)

Wake up between 12-1 to pump

YIKES!! I managed this for 4 nights. On the day of that 4th night, I was so tired, I was crying for no reason. I felt drunk and useless. I am just trying to stay up later to pump. I am only getting about 2 oz. at a time... I don't want to quit, although everyone is pressuring me to.

I am worried about my baby. I want to be the skinny one; she needs to be the chubby one. The doctor isn't worried, but I am . She is very happy and reaching all her milestones ahead of schedule. My dad told my sister to tell me to "feed the baby". oh wow... never thought of that!! Another point off for me for being a bad mommy, I guess! Here is a new picture of my cutie!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Baptism day!

Yesterday Emilia was baptised. I held her the entire time and thanked God about a million times for giving me such a beautiful baby. I prayed for everyone in the world trying to conceive (extra hard for all of my "Venting Room" friends, of course!). I am not a very religious person, but I like to think I am pretty spiritual and I really felt God's love surrounding me.

We had a nice party afterwards. Emilia did NOT sleep at all, but was in a very happy mood. She let people hold her and pass her around (usually she does not like to be moved around too much) and just smiled and giggled.

Jeff and I took the day off, so it is nice to be "doing nothing" after 3 days of "doing too much"!

I don't have a good picture of her in her dress, but I'll post that soon...

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm a dork

I just figured out how to add blog lists and other stuff... now if someone could tell me how to add the cool headers (Dianne!!!) I will be all set! :) I feel so dumb... I've only had this blog for a year... DUH!! Dh is getting annoyed b/c I've spent about an hour configuring my new and improved blog! oh well!! :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Little Monkey

Emilia is 16 weeks old and doing awesome! She is totally adorable and lovable and all the things I hoped she would be. She has been rolling onto her tummy for about 3 weeks now and only sleeps that way. Her day care provider thinks its so funny how she scoots around. She is getting baptised on Sunday and I have TWO dresses to pick from...

Therapy is going well. The meds are, too. I'm on Lexapro and haven't had many side effects, which is good. Things are starting to become "normal" again!