Saturday, September 20, 2008

A "Normal" pregnancy

I've been upgraded from "high risk" to "normal"! The bleed has been stretching out, but from the ultrasounds, it looks like old blood. The bleeding has slowed down tremendously. I'll go an entire week without seeing any spotting.
The ultrasound showed our little bean waving around and the doctor noted that it was really active! I swear I can feel it fluttering around, but its probably just gas at this point... I can pretend, can't I?
I'm finally starting to feel excited about this pregnancy. I was always grateful, but didn't feel like I could let my guard down. I'm sure I'll find something to worry about, but for now, I'm trying to enjoy this.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cloth Diapering

I've started cloth diapering Emilia about 6 weeks ago. I was so nervous to start, but its going really, really well! I have my favorites, and some that I cannot use at all, because after a week, they practically fell apart. It is amazing how many WAHMs out there make these dipes, and how some of them are making a KILLING! One diaper could go for over $100!! I'm NOT kidding!
We haven't had any leak issues, now that I've figured out which ones need extra liners, and that after she drinks a ton, I need to change her more often. I've read all this information about all of the icky things in disposables and how they are so bad for the environment... I really feel like I've made the right decision! And its so much fun to buy cute little dipes!! I already told J that I'm going to start buying little diapers in a couple of months for this new little bean!! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My mom has insisted I'm a drama queen. I really don't mean to be. I just want a happy, normal pregnancy. On Sunday, I went to the bathroom, and noticed bleeding. I freaked, called the doctor, and my mom took me to the ER. The bleeding kept getting worse and I really thought I was having a miscarriage. I wanted to go home, but the nurse said to stay so I could get an ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. My mom and I spent 2 hours in the ER, watching the Olympics and starving. Finally, I got my ultrasound, but the tech was colder than cold. She laid me down so I couldn't see anything at all. She wouldn't tell me anything. I was told it would be about 15, 20 minutes. After an hour, and my mom asking again if I could eat anything (NOPE!!), I was shoved out of my room, so a woman who was giving birth in her car could have my room. I got a front row view of the isolette and the new mom and her baby. It ripped me apart. My mom turned into mamabear and screamed at every nurse she saw, and miraculously, they found me a room, the doctor had the results and someone brought me a sandwich. All they could tell me was... nothing... Maybe I would miscarry, maybe not. I left feeling weepy, sure that I would be miscarrying that night. Overnight, the bleeding stopped. I called the nurse from my doctor's office and she said that can happen during a miscarriage and that I needed my HCG level rechecked. It was almost 10,000 on Sunday. On Tuesday, is was over 13,000, my prog. was 22, and the nurse was really happy with all that! I don't need to get my level rechecked and I get to have an ultrasound on Monday (this time at my doctor's office where someone will talk to me!).

For now, I'm still pregnant, feeling exhausted and getting more and more nauseous as the days go on. I'm hoping for a strong heartbeat on Monday and for more morning sickness and more exhaustion.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I don't know how this happened...

When I've been telling people that we are pregnant, they ask if we did IVF, like I would be able to hide that!! I honestly don't know HOW this little bean came to be... Jeff has been so busy, we maybe had time twice this entire month (pathetic, I know!!) When my period was late, I figured it was my PCOS or something else going on. I bought the test on a whim, just to be able to tell the doctor that I wasn't pregnant, but I wasn't getting my period. When the test came back positive, I was shocked! I jumped up and down and cried. Mia was laughing at me and mimicking me as well! It was so cute. She was the first one I told. I then called the doctor to set up an appt., because, who else do I call? With "normal" pregnancies, they don't see you until 9 weeks! I'm used to being seen immediately. I called my GP and asked her to do an HCG test, just so I can have that number. Why? I don't know...
I feel really good about this pregnancy and I'm still in shock that I'm actually able to write that I am pregnant!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Baby "o" due April 9, 2009

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