Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm a dork

I just figured out how to add blog lists and other stuff... now if someone could tell me how to add the cool headers (Dianne!!!) I will be all set! :) I feel so dumb... I've only had this blog for a year... DUH!! Dh is getting annoyed b/c I've spent about an hour configuring my new and improved blog! oh well!! :)


Jamie said...

Your blog looks nice!

I designed my header in photoshop and then saved it as a jpg. Once you have it saved go into your blogger template and upload it as the header picture. Overall it is pretty easy using new blogger -- old blogger was a lot harder to deal with!

Dianne/Flutter said...

Joei to make my life easier, I actually found a photo I like on the internet, cropped it, saved, and used that as my photo.

No worries, believe me it has taken me forever to figure things out :).

Glad you are feeling better. And Emilia is beautiful.