Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mind Your Own Breast-ness!

Today begins World Breastfeeding Week, so I thought I would talk a little about breast feeding. I won't get too grapic, so don't worry!

On the View, they were discussing whether formula should be handed out at hospitals in the little "Welcome Baby" bags the formula companies give to hospitals. Apparently, it has been discussed that instead of giving formula, there would only be breastfeeding information.

Sure, there is a ton if information stating breast milk is best for baby and mom, but it is really? When you are completely sleep deprived and your husband offers to feed your little angel so you can actually sleep, is breast best? People will argue that moms can pump and dad can feed, but what if you don't get a lot of milk through pumping? At the beginning, I would pump and get an ounce. Would Mia have been satisfied with that? Heck no!!

I am all for breast feeding. I love doing it and now that Emilia is sleeping through the night, I don't have to have dh give her a bottle in the middle of the night so I can sleep. But, there are some downfalls that are kind of rough. My breasts are huge and sagging. I cannot find a good bra that supports my girls. My hair has started to fall out. In order to have a night away from her, I would have to pump a ton, and pump while out so my breasts don't start springing leaks. When I go back to work, I will have to pump during my lunch and my break, leaving me with little time to be productive during those times. And when I am out with her, I get dirty looks when I feed her in public (I am TOTALLY covered... all you can see are little feet hanging out of a blanket!).
But, I feel so close to her when I feed her and I love that because of me, she is gaining weight and growing.

I don't think that the hospitals or government or whatever should continuously shove breastfeeding down new moms throats. Out of all of my friends, I only have 3 that have breast fed. All of my other friends chose to formula feed, and their children are all healthy, happy, creative little beans! We have talked about the pros and cons, and all of them that chose not to bf felt guilty. GUILT!! Like there isn't enough guilt thrown at a new mom!

Maybe the government should pay more attention to supporting new moms in other ways (like offer free babysitting so they can get out of the house and don't go totally crazy!!) and leave our breasts alone!

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Carla said...

Joei, I absolutely agree. This has got to be the only country in the world where you would get a dirty look for feeding your child in public! Our culture's warped attitude about our bodies and sex is crazy. New moms have more than enough pressure--I would be furious at anyone who tried to make you feel guilty for the choices you make. That just tells me that they are insecure in their choices and are looking for validation in others. You just stick to what your gut tels you is the best way to raise your beautiful little girl, and she will grow up just fine. Sorry to rant, but issues like these really get to me!