Friday, November 10, 2006

Welcome to the Second Tri (hold on while I puke)mester

Okay, so I heard this rumor that morning sickness ends at the second trimester and you get your energy back. Is this some sort of lie people are trying to pawn off on women? Is it like the whole "you are only pregnant for 9 months thing"? I figured at 13 weeks, I would start to feel better.... um... nope... only change is that Sprout is resting comfortable on my sciatic nerve, which causes me much discomfort... Oh, and morning sickness has turned into "Whenever the Heck I feel Like It Sickness". I have even finished the progesterone shots, but the vomitting continues!

I had conferences yesterday and today... During one of them (in which Mom is telling me the nanny watches her child and she is so busy that during the summer she sends the kid off to China to stay with Grandma, and even left her there when she was a year old for 6 months...) I start to feel the waves. After about 40 minutes (each conference is slotted for 15 minutes) I finally stand up to usher her out (I don't care if I'm rude at this point), only to see a dad waiting. I apologize and try to focus on the report card. Luckily, his kid is fine and I rush through everything and make it just in time!

Another strange thing that happened this morning was I was talking to another teacher, and I couldn't focus my eyes. It was so weird! And little squirmy white things were floating around. I drank some water and it went away. I called my nurse friend who things my blood sugar was too high... Great, am I developing Gestational Diabetes???

I had a doctor's appointment this week, too. My cervix is "nice and long", and I've gained 5 lbs! whoa! My principal wants me to wait until AFTER CHRISTMAS to tell the parents that I'm expecting. Um... WHAT??? So, I'm just going to wear my maternity clothes and if someone asks, I'll tell them. I'm proud of my little belly! Why should I have to hide it for another 2 months?

And, we heard the heartbeat again. That sound never loses its impact! I asked what the rate was, and its between 150-160 BPM. The old wives tale say "girl", which I'm still feeling. I spent most of the afternoon on my couch watching "Bringing Home Baby"... I cannot wait to meet this little Sprout... I keep imagining it growing and moving and it just seems like such a miracle!
Although I complain, I feel like my prayers have been answered!


Linlee said...

Girl I got sick in the shower this morning! Of all places! Usually taking a shower is the only thing that makes me feel better! I'm feeling your I can't wait until it goes away but at the same time my prayers were answered so too so I feel guilty complaining.

Heather said...

Complain away...I can't imagine the discomfort! and, I absolutely hate to get sick so I can't imagine how miserable it must be to be getting sick for months! Too much!!

Do you want a girl? I'm just being nosy...

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, for whatever it is worth, but I think the name Charlie would be awesome for a girl as well!! Hope you are feeling better soon ;)

Jenn said...

I think I was sick until about fifteen weeks- so hang in there- your days are numbered and then you will start to feel better. By the way- the heartbeat will change between now and birth. Just to share with you- when I was at the hospital and the baby was hooked up to the monitor the heartbeat ranged between 130-160. I was so focused on it being below 139 (thought it was a boy) that I was definitely in for a shock when we heard "It's a Girl"! And the chinese gender chart was wrong... But good luck Joei- your baby will be beautiful either way. And your pregnancy will be fine too. You will hit your moment of peace one day and then you will enjoy your miserable pregnancy! (Smile)