Friday, November 03, 2006

Random Thoughts

I realize that I have not been a very good poster as of late. Its probably because I'm not sure WHAT to post... I still fell like this pregnancy is a joke... Like someone is going to say "haha! just kidding! Who would let YOU have a baby???" I'm so worried that once I'm off the progesterone, I will immediately miscarry. Is all this worry normal? I don't know...

I'm 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Wow... 13 weeks! Such a milestone, and yet, I have about 27 weeks to go, which seems like forever! I am starting to get a belly. I can still squeeze into my jeans, but I know that in a few weeks, I won't be able to. I have to wear them in the beer belly style; my belly over the top. Yes. I have a belly. I know all the books say that a first pregnancy shouldn't be showing until about 4 or 5 mos, but I'm showing. Not enough where people notice, but, I can totally see a difference. I've gained about 2 1/2 lbs, which I don't think is so bad. I know the weight will start piling on... once I can eat again...

That's my biggest issue; eating. Its really hard to eat every two hours, especially since during that time I am teaching 6 year olds and when you have food, they want food. I try to sneak some pretzels every once in awhile, but then all chaos breaks out because I am Away. I swear, they think if I'm not looking right at them, I can't see or hear them. So anyway, I get really hungry, over hungry, and feel like vomiting, and then, I don't want to eat. And nothing sounds good anyway; except for Cambell's condensed chicken noodle soup and a good corned beef sandwich. And pickels.

I've also developed this strange pain in my leg. I thought I bumped it, but one of my friends said it could be Sprout laying on my sciatic nerve. How can something that is about 3 inches long and weighs so little be pressing so hard?

I have strange thoughts about Sprout, too. I imagine it dancing, arms flailing about whenever I eat, especially if I eat something especially yummy. I also imagine it flying around my uterus whenever I roll over and saying "Whooooaaa!" like on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

And then there is the naming issue. For a boy, I LOVE Charlie, who another blogger recently named her puppy. Sorry; I just LOVE that name!! For a girl... I have no idea! I like Autumn, but is that okay to name a little girl born in May? And if I use the middle name Rose, does it sound too much like a retirement home? I need something different since there are so many names I can't use due to being a teacher.

These are my random thoughts. Nothing too exciting. I am really looking forward to feeling Sprout move and kick me in the ribs!


Linlee said...

I'm worried about the progesterone too but I have a way to go with them. I'm only 5 weeks and my mom told me today that I already have a tummy. She's right. Monday we find out if there's more than one! With my growing belly there are probably 3!
My husband's grandfather is named Charlie and he loves animals. That's why our puppy is named Charlie-he loved it.
It's a cute name-you should use it.

Lee said...

Joei, your random thoughts are the best kind of thoughts to read on a blog! While you might not have planned the perfect 'Sprout' story, this is lovely.

I find when I'm teaching & can't escape the kids, that if I have a small handful of almonds in my hand or pocket,with a bottle of water on my desk, that I'm able to fight hunger pains for quite some time. I hope you try it and that it helps!

Heather said...

Why can't you use certain names because you are a teacher?

I think I would totally worry too. I'm a worrier and if I ever get pregnant I am sure I will drive everyone nuts with questions...I think it is part of being a good mom. You worry about your baby - from the beginning.

Anonymous said...
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