Tuesday, September 05, 2006

4 weeks 6 days

I don't know what else to title my blog... So creative, huh???

I thought I would post the reactions of people I have told.

J said, "you're kidding? Really?" He was in total shock. The whole night he looked so much like an accident victim. He told me he was all prepared for it to be negative... Can you blame him after my meltdown the night before? Since then, he has been extremely excited calling me his "babymama". So cute!

I wanted to tell my mom in person, so I told her J was coming over to bring her something. She said she was going out, but I somehow convinced her to wait. I walked in and she looked stunned to see me. I told her and she hugged me about 4 times. She didn't cry, and told me she wanted to but "held it in".

My dad kept repeating, "I'm so happy, I'm soooo happy!"

Jeff's mom told Jeff's dad to "Come in the living room... Grandpa!" I think he was confused at first. Then he understood and hugged us both!

Jeff's mom was probably the most excited. She started to cry and say "My stomach is doing flip flops!" She asked about a million questions and said that we need to go shopping. She has already bought me a book about eating right (um... yeah...) and this beautiful wreath made of diapers and cute baby stuff. She is already planning a shower and is convinced I'm having twins!

My brother (who is only 15) is excited about being an uncle, but doesn't want to baby sit.

Jeff's brother was a little "whatever" about the whole thing.

My sister cried and has already bought Baby a tye-died onesie!

My friends are all excited. Julia probably the most so... :)

The other 1st grade teachers don't know b/c they are too self centered to ask how I am doing. The 2nd grade teacher know and are very happy! :)

My principal advised me not to tell anyone in case something happend (like I already wasn't worried enough) and asked when I would be having it, because she'll need to find a sub. Oh, and then she said congratulations. I have never seen someone so unexcited. It was like I was telling her I was having a potato for lunch, not having a baby!!

For those of you that are curious... My prog. level jumped to 57, my HCG is at 1,918, and my estrogen level is at 400. The doctor is very happy. Next week, I get my first OB ultrasound!! I'm keeping everything crossed for a healthy strong baby... or babies... :)

I have some symptoms... My boobs feel like waterballoons and I have become obsessed with poking them and having J feel them (nice thing to do to a guy when we have to abstain for the next 8 weeks). They have these really blue lines running around them. I feel bloated. I am exhausted. And here is a symptom that is totally my OWN... I have mayo mouth. No, not METAL, MAYO! I seriously feel like I ate an entire jar. It is disgusting. No morning sickness, but every afternoon I start to feel really gross... I have a feeling I'll be having morning sickness in the afternoon... NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING.... :)


Dianne/Flutter said...

YIPPPEEE! To morning sickness and mayo breath! I am so very excited for you. Praying for two healthy, intelligent and beautiful babies!

Sarah said...

Ok Mayo Mouth! I am so happy for the both of you! I am really excited to hear about your whole pregnancy, I love reading your blog. Think Happy thoughts Preggo!

Melissa said...

Yay Joei! The veins in your boobs are a sure sign of good things! (I read them on that awful, devil two week wait site!) Anyway...I'm so happy for you I could just do summersaults! I really haven't stopped telling dh about it...not that he cares...but i do!

Lee said...

What an exciting time! I'm looking forward to many Mayo Mouth stories over the next few months. Congratulations again, great numbers Joei! Praying for healthy babies!