Thursday, March 06, 2008

Baby Dentures?

Mia still has no teeth! I took all the "gummy smile" pictures expecting to see those pearly whites. Nada, nothing... I'm convinced my daughter will be the only kindergartner unable to enjoy a snack other than applesauce. She'll have it all over her face as she is such a messy girl. Maybe Mel can get me a discount on dentures???

Mia has started to walk! It is so funny seeing a tiny baby toddle drunkenly around. She also said her first word yesterday... "da" for dog.

Every day gets more and more fun with her. She just giggles all day and loves for me to chase her around the couch.

I'm so in LOVE!!


Linlee said...

Our baby doesn't have teeth yet either. If she takes after me she'll be a year old before she gets them. My mom had my mouth x-rayed to see if I even had them because it took so

Dianne/Flutter said...

I'm sure they will grow in soon enough. :). Glad to hear that life is going so well!